I regret to inform you that Intendu Ltd. is entering a process of voluntary liquidation at the end of which it will cease to exist.

As a result, the company is expected to cease all of its business operations and as of today will cease all support of all its products and services.

Still, as a social enterprise we would like to keep the products developed by Intendu available for use. Hence, we are making available a stand-alone version of our products that can be downloaded from the link below that is offered for free, under the Terms of Use that appear therein. It is important to understand that, among others, the stand-alone product will not be covered by any product liability insurance nor any other insurance for that matter, and that Intendu is not making any warranties or providing any responsibility for such free products.

Though it will take few weeks until we will complete the servers shut-down process, we ask that you stop using the current products today and to the extent that you wish to use the free stand-alone version, you start using the new version as promptly as practicable. Moreover, in the next few weeks one of our tech expert will be available to help you in the installation process to the extent you desire any such assistance.

Finally, though it is a very disappointing experience for all of us, I would like to take this opportunity, to thank you for supporting us in our exciting journey.

Best regards,

Intendu Team