The Active Brain Trainer

Intendu is a functional brain-body training console for people with brain impairments. It was designed by an interdisciplinary team of neuroscientists, rehabilitation clinicians, computer scientists and gaming experts, creating an unparalleled training tool for home use that adds to the user’s rehabilitation process. Intendu’s life-simulating games focus on 8 main cognitive functions

Response Inhibition

Ability to suppress dominant, automatic, or prepotent responses when necessary

Divided Attention

Ability to respond to more than one stimulus or task at the same time


Ability to start a goal-directed behavior or thought process

Working Memory

Ability to store information over a short term (up to 2 minutes) and perform mental operation on this information

Cognitive Flexibility

Ability to adapt to new and unexpected conditions in the environment


Ability to formulate, evaluate and select a sequence of actions to achieve a desired goal

Sustained Attention

Ability to continually remain focused on a particular task


Ability to maintain a behavior in order to complete an effortfull task

Each Intendu console includes a plug-and-play camera with built-in video game software. Installation and operation of Intendu is simple in intuitive, allowing anyone to train independently and focus on perfecting the required skills.


Connect Camera


Set Up Account


Select Game and Start Training

New games and updates automatically downloaded every month with no additional cost!