Our Mission

Intendu is driven by the mission of improving cognitive rehabilitation for people with brain dysfunction, both at the clinic and home environments. Intendu’s interdisciplinary team combines experts from neuroscience, cognitive training, occupational therapy, healthcare optimization, computer science, and gaming.

Founder’s Story

Several years ago, my father had an accident and suffered a brain injury. Being a neuroscience doctorate student at the time, I knew that the research of brain plasticity shows that practicing cognitive functions can enhance and even restore those functions. To my surprise, I discovered a reality where patients are sent home after a few months of rehabilitation without any further therapy. I believe that people deserve a treatment that goes beyond the walls of the rehabilitation clinic, expanding into their homes, in order to create a continual recovery plan that helps them reach their goals. This is why I founded Intendu.

Together with an amazing team of professionals, including clinicians, computer scientists, and game developers, we embarked on a journey to create a solution that will allow the hundreds of millions of people with brain dysfunctions to receive the effective and affordable rehabilitation that they deserve.

The people of Intendu

Dr. Son Preminger

Founder & CEO

Son is a neuroscientist with 15 years of experience in cognitive training and rehabilitation in academic and clinical projects. Prior to that she held management positions in software companies in product management, business development and R&D (Microsoft, CogniTens, Schema, Amdocs). Son holds a PhD Neuroscience (Weizmann Institute), MBA (Harvard), MSc Computer Science (Weizmann Institute), BSc Mathematics (Tel Aviv University) and studied towards an MFA in film-making.

Dr. Barak Blumenfeld

Co-Founder & CTO

Barak is an expert in brain-behavior pattern analysis, with 15 years of experience in R&D of machine learning software. He led development of optimization and logistics software products (TransTech, Afek engineering). Barak holds a PhD and MSc in Computer Science & Neuroscience (Weizmann Institute), and BSc Computer Science & Psychology (Tel Aviv University).

Yuval Bar-Gil

Executive Chairman

Yuval is the founder and former CEO of AeroScout, he grew the company from inception to becoming the global market leader in healthcare optimization solutions, serving over 17,000 hospitals, clinics and senior living facilities worldwide. Prior to AeroScout worked with Bain & Company (UK, US). He holds an MBA (Wharton), BA in Accounting and Law with honors (Tel Aviv University).

Ran Lehr

VP Development

Ran is a hands-on technology leader with 10 years of experience in leading development of web and cloud products, building multiple consumer applications in the gaming and health domains (Oberon Media, PlayGround, and a Diabetes mobile application). Ran holds a bachelor degree in computer science (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology).

Dr. Alit Stark-Inbar

Director of Research and Clinical Affairs

Alit is a neuroscientist with over 15 years of experience in neuroplasticity, cognitive and motor learning, and cognitive training. Following her post-doctorate (University of California, Berkeley), she held a scientist position (Posit Science Corporation), leading the development of novel cognitive training interventions, and conducting clinical trials. Alit holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), and a B.Sc. in biology and psychology (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)

Maor Chetrit

Development Team Leader

Maor has an extensive experience leading development teams in the fields of sports, fitness and health training, IoT Analytics and more. He is an experienced software developer of client/server applications, integrating external sensors and implementing cloud-based applications. He has led product requirements and has vast experience in conducting on-going communication with customers and prospects. Maor holds a bachelor of Math & Computer science (Ben Gurion University)

Sivan Maoz

Clinical Manager

Sivan is an experienced occupational therapist, specializing in cognitive rehabilitation following brain injury. She gained her extensive experience working with adults and children in acute care at Bait Balev Rehabilitation Hospital and in the community at the Feuerstein Institute. Sivan is completing her Msc in Occupational Therapy and holds a bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy (both from The Hebrew University).

Anat Keren

Clinical Manager

Anat is an experienced occupational therapist, specializing in assistive technology, human factors and cognitive rehabilitation. She gained her extensive experience working at Intel and at The Bat Yam Infant Development Center. She holds a master’s (Tel-Aviv University) and bachelor degrees (Ono Academic College) in Occupational Therapy and a CRA certificate.

Yan Paltin

Lead Game Developer

Yan’s 13 years’ career as a game & software developer started after he was programming as a hobby, trying to create his own worlds as inspired by the games he was playing. He still finds it incredibly rewarding to keep exploring and learning the world of game development. His second passion is animation and visual arts, two things which are very well manifested in game development. Yan has a BSc degree in electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Sharon Toor

Administration and Operation Manager

Sharon has over 10 years of experience in high level administrative management in startup companies. Previously Sharon was a Pianist and Music teacher. Sharon holds an MMus degree from Tel Aviv University and Trinity College of Music London.

Bar Karov

QA Engineer

Bar was a team leader at the IDF’s manpower planner unity. He also has plenty of experience both on software testing as well as analyzing and tracking computer vision data. Bar has a longtime interest in neuroscience and programming. He has completed several courses in MATLAB.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Nathan D. Zasler, MD

Dr. Zasler is CEO & Medical Director for Concussion Care Centre of Virginia, Ltd., as well as for Tree of Life Services, Inc. and Vice-Chairperson of the International Brain Injury Association. Dr. Zasler is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) and fellowship trained in brain injury. He is an affiliate professor at the VCU Department of PM&R, Richmond, VA, and adjunct associate professor at the Department of PM&R at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. He has published and lectured extensively on brain injury.

Dr. Uri Hasson, PhD

Uri Hasson is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department and the Neuroscience Institute and at Princeton University. His research program aims to understand how the brain processes real-life complex information and interacts with the environment; with a focus on integration of complex information over time and the interaction between two individuals and two brains during natural communication. His research methods include functional magnetic resonance imaging and intracranial EEG. He has published extensively in leading neuroscience journals.